Lara Rose the Pomeranian

Dog Breed: Pomeranian

Lara's mom says: Lara is my "only child" and lives with me in Massachusetts. She is extremely intelligent and I often have conversations with her forgetting that she is a dog. She chooses which treats she likes every night out of a selection put in front of her so I don't have to wonder what she wants. She attends doggie daycare frequently, where she is imperious with dogs larger than she and casually dismisses others that bother her. When I take Lara to the beach, it feels as if I'm in a movie, since the wind blows through her mink-soft coat and she's always ready for her close-up. People think I spoil her rotten but it's simply that she has always been special since I got her as a small puppy. She has always exhibited a regal stance, and her intelligent eyes and expressions make you want to listen to her. Lara is the best.