Lara the Pekingese Mix

Dog Breed: Pekingese / Mixed

My name is Lara and I am a volunteer for an animal rights association in Bucharest, Romania, together with my human parents. I am kind and loving with the foster dogs which stay with us until they find their own families. I am best friends with my furry sisters, both of them adopted. I love my human parents more than anything and they love me to bits.

Comments (18)
happypup Apr 9, 2014
Little meerkat :-) Lara is adorable and beautiful and it is so...

goldenlover Apr 9, 2014
Wonderful dog, great story, outstanding family !!

Economist Apr 9, 2014
Great story and thank you for helping dogs in Romania - it must be...

Mmmousemaid Apr 9, 2014
Lara, you're a canine nurse. All the foster dogs under your...

daphne's mom Apr 9, 2014
Lara you are very cute! I hope you continue to have a long happy and...

bluegigi Apr 9, 2014
Yes I am a little beggar, so what? When you're as cute as I am,...

barb1926 Apr 9, 2014
Lara,you are so adorable.Your under bite is irresistible.Kudo"s...

janet weir Apr 9, 2014
What a sweet girl you are Lara!!

drakes' granny Apr 9, 2014
What a cute little pose Lara. What a wonderful life you have and...

Abiglen Apr 9, 2014
This is a wonderful story about love, caring and thinking about the...

Critter Crazy Apr 9, 2014
Love this photo! So cute and her fur is delightfully cute! So glad...

lucybee Apr 9, 2014
Lara-you a beautiful girl with a very important mission in life.

lucybee Apr 9, 2014
Lara-you a beautiful girl with a very important mission in life.

amyliz Apr 9, 2014
Dear little Lara, you and your parents are doing wonderful work on...

pelligrino Apr 9, 2014
Love that under-bite!

mychiensr1 Apr 9, 2014
Hi Lara, I love your beautiful face and I'm sooo jealous of your...

Doxibug Apr 10, 2014
Lara, you are so cute, channeling your inner meerkat! You must have...

gypsyrobin Apr 10, 2014
Lara, thank you and your family for all of the good and noble work...