Lexie the Shih Tzu

Dog Breed: Shih Tzu

Lexie is wonderful with children and all people. She loves to play with dogs but is also very happy just observing the life at the local rock pool. Every morning we go to Curl Curl Beach, which is on a peninsula of beautiful beaches a few miles north of Sydney, Australia. The beach has a dedicated dog park running along it and she meets all her friends, has a run, and will often do the whole run with a tennis ball in her mouth. She is obsessed with tennis balls; they are her favorite toys! After the run, we go to the local rock pool at the southern end of the beach and she patiently waits under one of the benches while I go for a beach run and then do laps in the pool. What a life she has! When I go off to work, Lexie gets dropped off at Doggy Day Care and spends most days there playing and sleeping. She has become the mascot at Scoobydooz, the Doggy Day Care center, as each afternoon she is allowed to wait on the reception desk where she waits for me and greets all the dog owners as they come by to pick up their puppies. What a girl!