Liam the Irish Wolfhound Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Liam's mom says: Liam joined our family eight months ago. He came from a local kill shelter where he was dropped off for "getting too big"! Given that the shelter folks had him listed as an Irish wolfhound mix, his size shouldn't be a great surprise. We have no idea what's in this Heinz 57 pup; we've heard everything from Labradoodle to wheaten terrier to briard. Whatever's in there, it makes for one wonderful companion! We're in daily disbelief that someone would part with this shaggy gentleman of a canine. He's an incredible creature who's as loving and kind as he is fuzzy and adorable. He's never met another animal -- human or otherwise -- who he doesn't love, and he quickly endears himself to everyone he meets. Even our somewhat prickly alpha girl, Sierra, adores this guy. He typically has plenty of dirt and foreign objects threaded throughout his beard, which tends to turn into muddy dreadlocks if not combed daily. But we still enjoy his whiskery kisses. Liam lives for jogs and long walks and loves to help us in the garden. He's a gem, and we're so glad that he's a part of our family.