Lilly the Labrador / Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Beagle / Labrador Retriever

Lilly was adopted from a local shelter at a tiny eight weeks old and is now four years old. She's a sweet, shy girl that loves food and would do just about anything to get it. She knows how to look extra cute and move her eyebrows up and down to make sure we notice her charm if we have food. If she still doesn't have our attention, she will lay her head in a lap and make this funny snoring-type noise to make sure we know she would be happy to clean up a crumb or two if accidentally dropped. Just like any big sister, Lilly acts annoyed by Kaya at times, but we know secretly she loves the attention and her sister. They love to wrestle together and they do watchdog duty as a team. Lilly is very amusing, alerting us with her half-bark, half-beagle howl.