Lily the Bichon Frise Mix

Dog Breed: Bichon Frise / Shih Tzu

Lily is a sweet bichon / shih tzu mix that lives in New York City. She loves belly rubs and sitting on laps. She has tons of energy and does lots of chewing (mostly on toys but sometimes on furniture). She is a total city girl and navigates busy streets and elevators well. People on the street are constantly stopping to pet her--she gets lots of love. We are so lucky we got to bring her home with us!

Comments (17)
BostonMalteseLover Apr 28, 2014
Like a true city girl, Lily has a great sense of style! The red...

amyliz Apr 28, 2014
Lily is adorable and irresistible! any happy and healthy years to...

daphne's mom Apr 28, 2014
What a cutie! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years...

goldenlover Apr 28, 2014
Snow ? Winter ? In New York City ?? No way ! :):) Lily is a doll !...

Economist Apr 28, 2014
Love her coy and endearing look. What a joy to have around. Biscuits...

Abiglen Apr 28, 2014
I'd love to have my pink belly rubbed and kissed right now! You...

Mmmousemaid Apr 28, 2014
Lily would live in New York City. I mean she looks very cosmopolitan...

barb1926 Apr 28, 2014
What a sweet and innocent look.Lily,you are beautiful.

bluegigi Apr 28, 2014
A babillion belly rubs, please and thank you!

bluegigi Apr 28, 2014
Looking very chic and every bit the New York Girl Lily, Lil Beauty!

chelsearosebud Apr 28, 2014
Lily, All of your photographs are special, but this one stands alone....

catlover Apr 28, 2014
Tummy rubs for you!!

lucybee Apr 28, 2014
In the words of another famous New Yorker,"Hello gorgeous!"

schotime Apr 28, 2014
"Sometimes even a sophisticated city gal has to indulge in a...

gryt Apr 28, 2014
How cute is this pic? Awww.

drakes' granny Apr 28, 2014
Great pictures of a sweet little girl. Lily is just such a cute...

Learama Apr 28, 2014
aaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! what a good little girl! So cute! Have a long...