Lola the Boxer

Dog Breed: Boxer

Lola is a four-year-old boxer who lives in Southern California. One of Lola's favorite things to do is run on the beach, which she does regularly. She is easy going and is a friend to everyone. Playing with other dogs, especially little dogs, is a favorite past time of hers. She will get down low on the ground when she plays with little dogs or puppies so she is at their height. She is very gentle with kids and babies too. She enjoys smelling flowers and sleeping in the sunshine. She is a major snuggle bug and likes to sleep on fuzzy blankets and in front of the fireplace. She loves to travel and has been from Baja Mexico to Northern California. She greets everyone with a smile and is a popular sight at the local coffee shop and at the beach where she hangs out with her family. She enjoys having her picture taken and will head in the direction the camera is pointing.