Lollipop the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Lollipop's mom says: Lollipop is the friendliest, most loving dog in the world. Everybody always comments on her soft ears and her constant wagging tail. Lollie absolutely loves being with her family. She always rushes up to greet us when we come in the front door. Lollie loves anyone and everyone and certainly would not make a good guard dog, as she would never hurt anyone. She is so gentle that even when I give her a treat she doesn't snatch it out of my hand; she waits for it. For the past two years, Lollie has gone on holiday to Devon with her best mate, Molly, whilst we go on holiday too. This year when we returned from Mauritius, Lollie was still in Devon, playing with Molly. She returned a couple days later, exhausted from all the long walks. She could hardly greet us in her usual lively manner, but of course her tail still managed to wag the whole time.