Monday, July 28, 2014
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Feb 14, 2008 Jen110103
We love you always boy!!
Love Jen, Creston, and Rogue
Feb 14, 2008 sylvanbliss
Wonderful pictures of a well loved Louie!

Thank you for sharing him with us.

I am so sorry for your loss.

He will not be forgotten.
Feb 14, 2008 kool_kat_3
Louie, what handsome looking chap! I sounds like Louie was well loved and will not be forgotton. The memeories you have of him will always be with you. xxxx
Feb 14, 2008 Terry C
Sprry for your loss.

So hard to love a loved one.
Feb 14, 2008 Brunomom
Louie, you were so loved. How do we go on without them? They give us so much and make life so much better. Thank you for the pictures of this very handsome Louie.
Feb 14, 2008 laurie erickson
yes... thank you for sharing the pics... He looks like he was such a loving friend... remember... he will always be with you in your heart....

thank you again.. he was a beautifull boy!
Feb 14, 2008 MeaLea
What a handsome sweet guy. It sounds like he was very well loved. Such a lucky boy.
Feb 14, 2008 whoopiwho
I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful boy and I am sure will be in the hearts of everyone that met him forever. Boxers just have a way of stealing hearts especially with their wiggle-butts and it doesn't matter how old or big they get.......they think they are still a lap dog! I know my two do!! What a great tribute to such a handsome boy. Thank you for sharing him.
Feb 14, 2008 mqm501
So Sad. You have my condolences. I hope you and your other boxer are coping okay with the loss of Louie. He was such a handsome boy and sounds like he was a real cuddler. Like most of the other DP posters I know how the loss of a canine family member can hurt and I can say that there is no greater distraction to grief than another puppy!
Very Best Wishes to you and yours from Cloudy Spain.
Feb 14, 2008 bassetmomma
Thanks for sharing Louie with us! A loving tribute.
Feb 14, 2008 bopeep
What a beautiful tribute to a much loved dog. I believe Louie is wiggling at this tribute from the Rainbow Bridge. You will never forger Louie but may your pain lessen. Hugs and kisses from Kansas USA.
Feb 14, 2008 Pupstermum
Oh, I am so sorry to hear you lost your best friend. Brought tears to my eyes, but he obviously had a BLESSED life with you, and it did my heart good to see that this baby had a loving family all his days. What more could any dog ask for?
Feb 14, 2008 jenake7395
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Boxers are such great dogs. I know he'll always hold a special place in your heart. It looks like you have a treasure trove of great memories of this beautiful pup.
Feb 14, 2008 Glorybe
My family; YogiBear, Julio, Tootsie, Snow, Mama, Baby Joy, and us humans want to extend our heart-felt sympathy. But, we also want to help you celebrate the LIFE of your precious family member, Louie.
I'm sure many of us today sharing this tribute to Louie have had to face the pain of loosing one so dear, so please know you are not alone. I currently have 2 "senior citizens" ages 13 & 14, who have health issues, but are not in any distress. And I dred the day I'll have to make THAT decision and send them back to God as I've had to make that decision all too many times before. I tell myself that I will be with them again since I can't imagine Heaven without animals. And God must think they're pretty precious too since he made them before He made us!
Louie, here's to you wiggle-butt, you have been a blessing for your family and all who have been lucky enough to know you dear one.

Thank you for sharing this special tribute of your Louie. And may his memories make your heart glad.
Feb 14, 2008 LucyBee
So sorry about your loss.I can see he was well loved and cherished.He was such a handsome boy.I adore boxers
Feb 14, 2008 BeckettsMom
Thank you for sharing your Louie with us.
Feb 14, 2008 clemency
Louie was a very handsome boy, and it looks like he was a real sweetheart, too. This picture of him with the baby puppy says so much about his personality! I also love the photo of big Louie trying to get comfy in the little bed, with his basketball nearby. What a cutie! I'm so sorry for your loss.
Feb 14, 2008 dkz56
I just love your Louie, I too have 2 boxers who are the love of my life and couldn't imagine life without them. The bottom picture of him trying to fit into a small dog bed is priceless. When I lost my cocker, my male boxer tried for weeks to ball himself up on her bed. A lovely tribute to Louie and my heart goes out to you in your loss of your Louie.
Feb 14, 2008 Daphne's Mom
I am so sorry for your loss. I had a boxer when I was growing up. Louie looked like such a gorgeous dog! What a lving tribute to an animal that touched your heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
Feb 14, 2008 sevenatenine
Louie's sweet, goofy personality really comes through in these pictures! And he's a cutie, so I really enjoyed this sweet tribute to him. Hugs to you during this difficult time.
Feb 14, 2008 cowgirl09
Louie looks like he was the sweetest dog. This was a wonderful tribute.
Feb 14, 2008 pauz4paws
Sweet Louie, you were a special boy I can tell. I am a firm believer that we join our four legged friends someday, somewhere,somehow....they end up being such a part of our hearts. We lost our oldest dog "Boo Boo" in December also, she was 15 years old and although we have 6 others, we miss our sweet Boo. Loved this shot of Louie looking out the window so longingly. Condolences from our gang....Tiki, Bucky, Lady Bug, Noel, Haley and Fifi. Thanks for sharing the great photos.
Feb 14, 2008 Daisy's mom
To Louie's family, he has his wings. Like the previous writer says, you will meet again in the heavenly off leash park where no dog suffers but where they run in meadows of clover, roll in dead fish, eat steak and cheese, play with lotsa frisbees, swim in cool water and lick lotsa faces.

To Louie, who's a good boy, who's a good boy. Good boy!!!!

From Daisy and her mom. xxxooo###(# are scratches on the belly)
Feb 14, 2008 DaveyDog
What a treasure you've shared with us today!! How very kind of you to give us a glimpse of Mr. Wiggle-butt, Louie! At our house, we lost Miss Harley in June 07 and Mr. Davidson in November 07; both were 15 years old. Like an old, married couple, Davey just didn't want to go on without Harley. My husband truly believes Davey died of a broken heart. So, what we know is that Harley, Davey and your Louie will all be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge when it's our turn. They'll show us the way as they did on earth. Most sincerely,
Ontario, Canada
Feb 14, 2008 bonaircat
He looks like a wonderful family member and so handsome too. I know you miss him terribly.
Feb 14, 2008 pooh91158
What a sweet looking fella!

I'm am so sorry for your loss. It's always hard losing a pet.... we lost one of our girls just a month ago and I still miss her terribly!

This is a beautiful tribute to Louie!
Feb 14, 2008 BeckersUNC
This picture says it all--what a sweetheart Louie must have been! I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm so glad you decided to share Louie with all of us today.
Feb 14, 2008 Cindy3737
What a handsome boy. He looks like such a lover. I'm so sorry for your loss. I just lost my dane this past Friday. I know just how you feel.
I hope you have many happy years with you new puppy.
Feb 14, 2008 nora stevens
I am sorry for your loss. We lost our momma min-pin 2 years ago to Cushings and we still miss her. We still have dad, a son and a daughter. Our thoughts are with you. Skooter, Deuce, Biscuit, Rexius, and Torque.
Feb 14, 2008 zoerosesmom
Thank you so much for sharing your beloved Louie with us. He certainly was a handsome lad. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May time heal your sadness and bring you only happy memories.
Feb 14, 2008 Tricky
We recently lost our 12-year old boxer, Trevor!! We loved him beyond belief. He was a rescue from the Boxer Rescue of LA. He will be missed like your wonderful Louie!! Be thankful for the years with him.
Everyone out there, please RESCUE dogs!!
Feb 15, 2008 StephanieS
What a beautiful dog. He looks so sweet and loving in those photos. I am so sorry for your loss.
Feb 23, 2008 denawolves
Louie was a very handsome boy! Such personality showing in this face! I feel the same way- that our animals are happy and playing and will be waiting at the gates when we show up! Louie's probably playing with our boxer, Bryndle! She was the prettiest wiggle-butt ever!
Feb 28, 2008 jowaldo
Thanks for sharing your sweet sweet boy. So sorry for your loss.
Mar 12, 2008 Suziesmom
Thank you for sharing this tribute to your most loved Louie. I am so sorry for your loss. He is beautiful and I love this gentle picture with the puppy.
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