Louie the Havanese

Dog Breed: Havanese

Louie's mom says: Louie is a two-year-old Havanese puppy that lives on the Upper West Side of New York City. His birthday is October 9 (same as John Lennon's) and he loves to go running super fast in circles around Strawberry Fields in Central Park. As a matter of fact, he pulls his mom and dad there whenever we are close by! He loves going to work with his daddy during the week and hanging out around the neighborhood on the weekends with his parents. He knows all the dogs and the neighbors and everybody stops to say hi to Louie. He also loves to chase his feline siblings, Clyde and Maggie. Too bad he can never really catch them because they can jump so darn high. (Maggie often hides in the bathroom sink so Louie can't see her.) But Louie's best friend in the whole world is another Havanese named Max. The two of them love to run and wrestle for hours for hours on end. Whenever they see each other is a very special day.