Lovey the Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Lovey's mom says: Lovey came to us from a shelter in Madison, New Jersey, but before that she was sheltered in West Virginia and even before that in Puerto Rico! (Too bad we don't know any Spanish.) Lovey must be a quick learner though, because even though we are first-time dog owners, she fits right in. As we drove home from the shelter we wondered about chewing and accidents, but Lovey has taught us well. She loved our three children on sight and uses her crate like a pro. Even our two kit-kats have accepted her. Last week she started taking the stuffed animals out of our daughter's room to play with. We caught on quickly and bought her some plush squeaky toys. She loves those things! We look forward to knowing more about her and sharing the wonderful things she has to show us. We are so grateful to have Lovey in our lives.