Lowell the St. Bernard

Dog Breed: Unknown

Lowell says: "Hi, everybody, my name is Lowell. I'm the luckiest puppy in the universe. I ended up with my current mommy because something was wrong with one of my brothers, Tatanka. When my mommy was trying to make my brother better, my birth mommy decided to send me to join him. What a fun time. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys, AND I get to have three brothers and two sisters. By the way, my brother Tanka is all better now. He's tons of fun because he's almost as big as me. My mommy says I have to be at least 180 lbs and there's no end to my growing in site. I could keep getting bigger until I'm two years old. Holy moley, I'm big enough now!! I like to sit on mommy when she's least expecting it. When I sit on her, she makes all these funny mewling noises. Then my little accomplice Wilber the beagle comes over and drenches her with puppy saliva all over her face. This sends her into hysterical fits of laughter, which makes Wilbur and me more excited and happy. It doesn't get any better than this... does it?"