Lucky the Boxer

Dog Breed: Boxer

When we got Lucky, he was skin and bones and you could count his every rib. Despite having just got our other puppy Cody a few weeks earlier, we took the big guy in, fattened him up and had him checked out for a few other health issues he was suffering from. He transformed from a sickly, clumsy goof of a pup into a buff and friendly boy. We never intended on keeping him for good, but in such a short time, the big guy climbed into our hearts and nestled in like the lap dog he believes he is. Lucky is a total Gumba, Goomber and Goob and he'll come to any of these silly names we call him. He loves everyone, big or small, human or dog--in fact, he thinks every guest to enter our house is here to visit him! We named him Lucky, but really, it's we who are lucky to have him in our lives.