Lucy and Banzai the Australian Shepherds

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Meet Lucy and Banzai, the proud winners of April's Creative Canine Photo Contest! Lucy, the female black-tri Aussie, was the runt of the litter but she is the pack leader of Banzai! She is very high energy and very independent. She loves to assert her authority over Banzai yet is fully submissive to the rest of us! She is outgoing and friendly and for some reason, loves to hunt. She brings home plenty of critters, dead or alive, I am afraid. She also loves to jump for her toys, and she jumps high! Banzai, the Blue Merle male Aussie, is a bit reserved. He prefers his masters much more than Lucy does yet he is skeptical of strangers much more than Lucy is. We call him "Momma's boy" because no matter where I am, there he is. He is sweet and loyal and loving and perfectly happy to submit to his pack leader, Lucy. Even though she is half his size! He is a great retriever and loves playing fetch. His favorite toy is a Frisbee but he has taken to empty water bottles lately. Both dogs bring us so much joy and we are blessed to have them as part of our family. We are looking into agility classes for both of them. Then they can release some more of that intense energy. These great photos are brought to you by April's Photo Contest Sponsor, Otis and Lucy Photography, All rights reserved.