Lucy and Frag

Dog Breed: Unknown

Lucy and Frag's mom says: Lucy is my beautiful little girl. She was actually a gift from a friend. Four years ago I had gotten a chocolate Lab puppy named Sadie. I was devastated when I found out she had parvo and we had to put her to sleep. :( After a few months, my friends and I looked high and low for a sweet puppy for me to love, but nothing felt right. One day my phone rang and my friend told me to come over right away. When I got there I had the cutest present ever waiting for me. My friend had been at the petting zoo and there was a lady selling puppies. Lucy was the last one left and she was curled up in the corner sleeping. She was only $20, but my friend didn't have any money. She knew that Lucy was the puppy for me, so she did everything she could to get that money. So that is how I ended up with my sweet baby girl. She is definitely a momma's girl! She loves to lay in the dirt, take baths, and sleep! Frag just had his first birthday in April. He is our crazy little boy. My brother has two doggies, Buddy and Hollie. Frag came from their second litter. He was the only boy out of eight puppies! My brother fell in love with him so he named him. He wanted Frag to stay in the family so he begged me to take him. I always said that I would never have a boy dog, so at first I said no. But who can resist such a cute little face?! I finally agreed and we fell in love immediately! Frag is the sweetest dog I have ever met! He loves to snuggle, play with his big sister, and explore in our new backyard. We love him very much!