Lucy the Cavalier King Charles/Beagle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Lucy's mom says: Lucy is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. She loves to curl up next to me while I’m working on something and fall asleep. When I have to leave her at home, she goes absolutely crazy when I come back -- wagging her tail, attempting to lick, and just about jumping into my arms (once she actually did). Lucy has grown up with cats and some of the things she does reflect that. She likes to climb on top of the couch and perch there so she can look around. Lucy absolutely loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She runs after the ball and tucks her head down so she can go faster. No matter how tired she is, Lucy will keep chasing the ball as long as it is thrown (although she may not bring it back right away…). Lucy’s only annoying trait may be that she likes to lick obsessively. She licks and licks and licks. Also, because of her dark eyes, Lucy often looks very guilty whether or not she actually is.