Luke the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Luke loves to run around and roll in the grass in the morning, especially with his friend Butterball. Food makes him smile but he loves it most when he gets attention and a good belly rub. Without his playmate, he is generally laid back and likes to lay around the house, watch the cars pass by or watch dog TV. Luke is such a gentleman that he lets everyone enter the gate or the door before him. If he sometimes forgets his manners, he steps outside, sits and waits for his turn. During meal time, he knows when it is his turn to eat. No matter how eager he is to get his food, he sits and wait for the "go" signal. He is very selective when it comes to other dogs but he has a handful of friends that he likes to play with. Luke is very protective and he usually stand mightily on top of the barbecue pit to let other people know that he is there and nobody dare challenge that and trespass our home.