Lukie the Parson Russell Terrier

Dog Breed: Parson Russell Terrier

This is Lukie Jack the Parson Russell Terrier! He is an energetic, hilarious pup who loves to play fetch, go for runs, and, most of all, swim (although he needs a life jacket)! His owners adopted him from shelter after his previous owners wanted to put him down for being "un-trainable". This little guy can now ring a bell when he needs to go outside, knows lot of commands and has graduated from doggy obedience school. There is never a dull moment living with this bundle of ornery joy.

Comments (18)
happypup Nov 25, 2013
What an absolute doll!!!

ckendall Nov 25, 2013
Adorable face full of ornery joy! His way of saying we need to stop...

dogsrus570 Nov 25, 2013
Lukie you are one good looking boy. Shame on those owners for...

Cakebatter Nov 25, 2013
beautiful guy! i hope you have many more happy years with your...

Cakebatter Nov 25, 2013
MOKO you are SOOOO adorable! i love you and want you so bad! but i...

bluegigi Nov 25, 2013
Ornery joy? Oh whatever!!! I'm thrilled you were rescued and...

Abiglen Nov 25, 2013
Thank God for the shelter and for you. Lukie is adorable and a very...

daphne's mom Nov 25, 2013
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

hanelee Nov 25, 2013
Thank you, everyone! We sure do love Luke-man

goldenlover Nov 25, 2013
Previous owners were the un-trainables. Some folks should not own a...

chelsearosebud Nov 25, 2013
Lukie is a shining example of what it means to find a perfect match...

lovebrowns Nov 25, 2013
What a sweetheart. People that want to put dogs down for reasons...

LATaurus Nov 25, 2013
goldenlover nailed it... some people just should not have dogs. ...

schotime Nov 25, 2013
Lukie is adorable. Terriors r notorious for their singlemindedness...

Jax mom Nov 25, 2013
Awww, Lukie, you are so cute!!

martesa Nov 25, 2013
What a sweet, smart boy!! So glad he found loving parents who...

amyliz Nov 25, 2013
What a cute little sweetie you are, Lukie! So glad you are now with...

mychiensr1 Nov 25, 2013
What? Put Lukie down because he is un trainable? I would like to...