Luna the Chihuahua Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Luna's mom says: I got Luna from a family who had a litter of five puppies, which they said were born from a Prask Krysa mother (a Czech breed) and a short-haired Chihuahua father. I am still not too sure where she really came from, but she was in good health, clean, and cared for when I got her. Luna loves to play with any dog she meets; she doesn't care about height, weight, or breed---she likes everyone. Whenever there is a group of people, she runs at full speed in a wide circle around them, which looks really funny. She loves to play with her squeaky toy, her little ball (we lost four of these already to the high grass in parks and fields) and she's a sucker for cuddly toys. Luna is the best fitness program you can have, and she always makes me smile.