Friday, July 25, 2014
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Jan 30, 2008 hkuczala
Maddie is Beautiful! xx
Jan 30, 2008 whoopiwho
She is beautiful and I love the breed combo!! She is blessed to have such wonderful, loving parents and I bet she will be forever grateful to you! Too cute!!
Jan 30, 2008 howiesmom
What a sweetheart! And some wonderful parents!! We need more out there like you!! She's a doll baby! One of the names I use on my dog is "Velvet ear" too. lol Enjoy her!! Lucky You!!!
Jan 30, 2008 christopher
maddie RULES! i love all her nicknames. she sounds like such an awesome dog, and she's beautiful too. i'm glad to see she has such a loving and devoted family.
Jan 30, 2008 Terry C
Isn't she the sweetest thing?
Jan 30, 2008 yujismom
wrinkalicious! and who needs a convertible, anyway...
Jan 30, 2008 calithor
It is wonderful that she has recovered! And the love you share is so pure!! God Bless
Jan 30, 2008 rosy
What a good story-she is truly a beauty and my guys and I wish her a long and happy life with you-Billions of biscuits and hugs!!
Jan 30, 2008 DogMom
What a beauty you have here!! I don't, for one second, believe that the devil costume is indicative of her certain sweet disposition. May you and your madalicious have a faboulous and healthy future together!!!
Jan 30, 2008 DaveyDog
You are my kind of pet owner!! Animals are pure; humans need work ... and the older I become, the more I truly honour pets. When my darling, old girl began a decline into ill health, I took a day off work to sort out her vet visits and meds and charged it to a legit sick day. I told my boss the truth and he threw that back in my face for the next 2 years. Although I forgave his ignorance, any respect I may have had for the man went out the window and I only tolerated him 'til I changed jobs. Your Maddie is one Madilicious girl ... it's no wonder you adore her!! Thanks so much for your story and enjoy every minute with perfection!! Chose the photo because my doggies love a sunbeam, too. From Ontario, Canada
Jan 30, 2008 Mummm
What a great pooch! Maddie is precious!
Jan 30, 2008 bopeep
Dave Ault you are a hero! Maddie has a wonderful dad and I'm sure she showers you with endless love. Thank you so much for being such a great pet parent, realizing that they are God's creation and deserve our best. May Maddie have many, many wonderful years with you. Hugs and kisses from Kansas USA.
Jan 30, 2008 mqm501
Maddie is lovely. Thankyou for sharing her story and well done Dave! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together. Very Best wishes from Spain.
Jan 30, 2008 sarahj0628
I particularly like that she is "Cheese Doodle" when she needs a bath. Mine are "Frito Banditos" for the same reason!! Why is stinky associated with snack food? Previously, 2 pugs owned me, now it is 2 Bostons. She will overwhelm you with personality for sure!
Jan 30, 2008 clemency
Maddie is too cute in her devil costume! Her wrinkly little face is just adorable. I hope you will have many more happy years together!
Jan 30, 2008 mollyrocks5566
meh its ok
Jan 30, 2008 stormsamson
Precious and loved!
Jan 30, 2008 Alf
We need more people in the world like you. Your sweet girl is truly Blessed to be with such wonderful loving parents.
Jan 30, 2008 mling
what a great story! You can tell how much a dog is loved by the excessive amount of pet names you give them. I call my little dog rump roast too!
Jan 30, 2008 nelly
Cute little bug! She is so sweet (and very lucky). God bless.
Jan 30, 2008 puppyluvver
[color=green]I have never in my LIFE heard of an Ori-pei, but they are lovely! I have a schnoodle(schnauzer x poodle) called Oscar, and I thought schnoodles were rare! Wishing you many happy years with Madeline![/color]
Jan 30, 2008 LucyB
What a sweetheart she is in this picture.Love her face and I can see why she stole your heart so completely.
Jan 31, 2008 quasimodo
It's wonderful that you are so good to your adorable pooch!WHAT A CUTIE! I hope you have many more years together. You mentioned she had a bump on her nose. If it was a mast-cell tumor or other potentially cancerous growth try Neoplasene ointment. Your vet can get it from Buck Mountain Botanicals. Very powerful. I put it on a cancerous growth on an ancient kitty I had (who would not have survived surgery) and the tumor was totally gone in 2 weeks. Best of luck! Whatever Madeleine's troubles may be she has a GREAT person!

Madeleine rules! I love the wrinkles!
Feb 1, 2008 denawolves
What a sweet face she has! Maddie is very lucky to have such intelligent parents; after all, money is just a piece of paper and Maddie is your daughter!
Feb 28, 2008 Chloe V
I've got an Ori Pei too. Her name is Chloe VonWrinkles. Her nicknames are Chloe Bear, Bear, Punkinhead, Wrinklebutt, Tootsie, Squishyface, and Velvet Tipped Bear (because of her velvety soft ears). We sing Chloe-a-licious to her (intstead of Fergalicious). She got Parvo when she was a puppy and was sick within 48 hours of bringing her home. She almost didn't make it. Luckily she's a tough little thing. The store we got her from ended up paying over $7000 for her medical bills and because of it didn't want to give her back to me. I was heartbroken. My husband continued to call their corporate office daily, until they finally agreed to give her back. She is the cutest, funniest, most loving thing I've ever seen. She sleeps curled up next to her mama every night, head on the pillow and all. She is our baby, and we couldn't imagine life without her.
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