Madeline the Ori-pei (Pug/Shar-pei cross bread)

Dog Breed: Unknown

Maddie's dad says: My name is Dave, Maddie is my "daughter" she resides in NJ with my wife and I. Maddie is an Ori-pei, she came into my life by accident when I took a bike ride to the pet store. She is the coolest dog ever. She's relaxed, doesn't bark, is super friendly to children and other dogs. She always finds a way to be lying on the lap of someone who doesn't particularly like animals. Its like she has a sixth sense and its her duty to show this person that dogs are cool too....Maddie has several names from all of her friends and family, here are some of them; Madeline Anne (when she's bad), Madelicious, lishy, baby girl, rump roast, wrinkled butt, velvet ear, winnie-bear and cheese doodle (when she needs a bath).And she responds to all of them the same puppy way . . . Last year, Maddie became really sick overnight with a high fever. She had a few issues that a 9 day visit to the doctor was able to fix and more than 16 pills a day. She was weining off those pills for over 5 months and will be taking two pills a day for life. That cute bump on her nose disappeared, but came back a few months later. I had the create a spreadsheet of all the meds and times to administer, took nearly a month off work and my fiance had to move to NJ for a week to assist during the hardest part. Its amazing what love and $11,000 will buy you in a year. So instead of my hot new convertible I was shopping for 3 days before she got sick ...I've got the best dog on the planet for the next couple years. The reason I love my dog so much is because of what she is and what she's been through. She's a tough little bugger and shows nothing but love to everyone. When we're away from her we call her like she's with us and laugh hysterically...we ask ourselves, what would Maddie do right here, or what do you think Maddie is doing back home. Probably being lazy is usually the answer. I have 4300 clients and its a fair assumption that 2500 of them have met my dog or know about her. She's the greatest puppy alive and deserves the world. We're all making sure the rest of her days are amazing.