Maggie the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Maggie is a sweet, loving dog. She was a stray that ended up by us. She has turned out to be a great dog. She loves to play bite us. Maggie loves to go for walks, ride in the car, play fetch, and play with Koki. She loves children. We love her a lot.

Comments (47)
randomearrings Apr 19, 2011
Beautiful Maggie, you are a total sweetheart! xxx

border collie mom Apr 19, 2011
"Movie star dog" ! Maggie May Saves The Day or such..... :-)...

goldenlover Apr 19, 2011
Great dog. Good for you on the rescue. Send these pix to Disney !!

jasper1 Apr 19, 2011
Adorable, sweet girl! Maggie, you are alittle darling! Love her!

char&pookie Apr 19, 2011
"I am NOT being snooty, I just smell something yummy in the...

guerrero's grandma Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, don't you just have the sweetest face ever! Love your...

Simon123 Apr 19, 2011
What a cutie -- looks an awful lot like a Wheaten Terrier.

princelover Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, you have the happiest face I have ever seen. Such a big sweet...

jec0508 Apr 19, 2011
she's adorable! awww i like when her hair is clipped back. so cute

dogmom416 Apr 19, 2011
Love this pic - is she howling or smelling something good to eat?...

janet weir Apr 19, 2011
What a sweet, sweet doggie face!

mushermaggie Apr 19, 2011
She's beautiful! Kudos to you for taking her in & loving her!

daphne's mom Apr 19, 2011
Maggie is cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

amyliz Apr 19, 2011
I'm so glad you and sweet Maggie found each other! She...

flutterina Apr 19, 2011
what a beauty

Puppy Power Apr 19, 2011
Maggie is beautiful and love exudes from her sweet eyes! Thank you...

putzfactory Apr 19, 2011
are you going to walk down the aisle at a fashion show sweetie?

virgilsmama Apr 19, 2011
KISS ME!!!!!!

shortyww22 Apr 19, 2011
Maggie,you are a Beautiful girl.I'm so glad you're family...

Goldenmom58 Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, the sun loving doggie of the day. This is the way to enjoy...

goldenmom18 Apr 19, 2011
What a sweet dog. Sometimes I think "strays" are just out...

DogLover in Canada Apr 19, 2011
Sooo cute! I love her face, she has so much personality and looks so...

w102663 Apr 19, 2011
Maggie is a sweet doggy. I'm happy she found you. Blessings! ...

pandrews-4 Apr 19, 2011
So glad she adopted your family to live with!!! What a sweet girl...

gouldkb Apr 19, 2011
You are so adorable!

tzumom Apr 19, 2011
What a beauty you are...dutch sheepdog?? Have a wonderful life with...

The Raven Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, you did well for yourself, finding the best family, who loves...

h1ll13r Apr 19, 2011
Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

Cindylu001 Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, what a gorgeous girl! She looks like she has some bearded...

clemency Apr 19, 2011
Maggie looks so adorable with her bangs pinned back! She is a...

Dogaholic Gal Apr 19, 2011
One of the cutest dogs EVER!!!

Beth1226 Apr 19, 2011
Maggie, you are such a beautiful girl! All of your photos are...

mychiensr1 Apr 19, 2011
Hi Maggie! You're so cute and sweet. You look very happy. I...

pirosred Apr 19, 2011
So very glad you found Maggie and gave her a very good home, she is...

luvmum Apr 19, 2011
So adorable!

kgpayne13 Apr 19, 2011
Ha ha...the nose knows! Cute!

bellatrixls Apr 19, 2011
What a sweet face.

wolfgirl66 Apr 19, 2011
Beautiful Maggie looks very happy!

bluegigi Apr 19, 2011
Who farted? I'm gonna getcha!!!! Sweetness,...

Coinshop Apr 19, 2011
Maggie is adorable. I love this picture (and the others, too).

iluvk9s Apr 19, 2011
What a sweet happy face!!! Maggie is precious!

Jose Apr 19, 2011
Maggie you remind of of the dog that plays on the movie Top Dog...

Jose Apr 19, 2011
Sorry it should read you remind me of I missed up. Have a great life.

malawi Apr 20, 2011
What a sweet girl Maggie is! I bet she's happy to have found a...

drakes' granny Apr 20, 2011
Maggie sounds like a pup everyone would love. I'm sure she is...

elliel Apr 21, 2011
Nice of you to take in this beauty of a dog. I'm sure you have to...

gypsyrobin Apr 22, 2011
Way too cute!! And Etta Clementine is the best name ever.