Mango the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Mango has had a tumultuous life and she's only a year old. As a young pup, she was found wandering out in the cold winter and brought to the city pound where she would likely have been euthanized since there are so many abandoned pit bulls. Luckily, we saw her and brought her to our no-kill animal shelter instead. She was the happiest puppy and we loved her and found her a home. We thought it would be her forever home, but we discovered six months later that she was at the city pound once more and was requested to be euthanized. Mango was lucky that she was microchipped, because that allowed her to be returned to us instead. We were so sad that this little girl was abandoned once more and it has become clear that she's received some physical abuse too. But we've put this happy little girl through some basic obedience training and also socialized her with some other young dogs. She is now a very well behaved little lady and is looking for a great home. She might be a bit insecure in the beginning, but with the right parents and some time, she will thrive. She is active, but only weighs about 45 pounds. She will fill out a little bit more, but she's basically fully grown. If you are interested in adopting Mango or seeing any of our other great dogs, please visit: for more information.