Marisol the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Marisol is a Puerto Rican street dog, a type of mutt affectionately known as a "sato." Born in an abandoned factory, Marisol had a rough start to life. Pregnant at seven months and nearly poisoned by the neighbors, Marisol was finally rescued by a wonderful woman named Gloria, who runs the Save a Sato shelter ( Marisol's adopted family met her while volunteering at the Save a Sato shelter. While Andrew was clipping nails and considering talking to his wife about adopting her, Anindita pointed from across the yard and said "That one," and the rest is history. Marisol is sweet, adorable, curious and too intelligent for her own good. She enjoys playing with people, with dogs, by herself, and did I mention playing? She also likes to run, tear the stuffing out of plush toys and eat sticks. A boundless source of energy and joy, Marisol never fails to greet her people with an ecstatic licking and her own curious pig-like grunts, which are endearing (if not ladylike). Marisol is full of personality and is amazingly expressive, especially with her multicolored tongue and her ears, which change direction and shape with her mood.