Sunday, July 27, 2014
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Jan 15, 2009 suelill
Awwwwwww Marius you are lovely baby. Big hugs and lots of biscuits.
Jan 15, 2009 MarieR
Lovely. He looks like german shep and collie mix.
Jan 15, 2009 georgia04
What a lovely boy Marius is. He looks like such a laid back fellow. Hugs and cuddles for him.
Jan 15, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sweet, Beautiful, Loyal, Lovable, Playful, Adorable, Cuddly and Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Jan 15, 2009 RobH
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Jan 15, 2009 mummm
This is a beautiful picture of Marius! He looks like a great pooch!
Jan 15, 2009 RobH
I love his mane. My dog has a mane like this. Beautiful dog. :o)
Jan 15, 2009 beccashouse
Oh Marius you are just AWESOME!! I love all your pics, but this one really made me laugh! Loads of hugs n belly rubds for you!! xxx
Jan 15, 2009 Jo Jo
Oh!He ia amazzzzzing you can see he has got love to give
Jan 15, 2009 sherry_morris
what a happy beautiful boy :)
Jan 15, 2009 HillCountryGal
This picture made me smile... looks like he's standing VERY still for his drivers license photo. :) Seems to me he really wants to smile though. Wishing y'all a long healthy life together.
Jan 15, 2009 GwdGma
Look at that face! You can see the love in his eyes!! Very very handsome boy!!
Jan 15, 2009 ozzy2975
Love this picture! Looks like someone is saying to him "YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE,MISTER!" lol Millions of biscuits to him. :)
Jan 15, 2009 daphne's mom
What a handsome boy! I you have a happy and healthy life! Much love and many biscuits!
Jan 15, 2009 LSM
Where did my ears go???? This pic reminds me soooooooooooo much of Storme when his ears disappear too!!!!!!! Marius you are a beautiful boy. Tons of biscuits big guy.
Jan 15, 2009 LSM
Marius, I see you love the snow too!!! Have lots of fun and enjoy life every day. Hugs & xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's.
Jan 15, 2009 ckendall
Marius is a happy handsome boy!!!!! Give him a good belly rub for me!
Jan 15, 2009 MamaLou
Who could resist this big fluffy dog?! He looks like a perfect snuggle buddy for this cold weather!
Jan 15, 2009 Ladyred
Marius is absolutely gorgeous! He deserves every moment of love and attention he gets!
Jan 15, 2009 fritzy
Maruis.....I love the chewing on fallen apples part. Good for you. If the apple still has some good parts left....why not indulge. VERY CUTE!!! :)
Jan 15, 2009 wheatie mom
Marius, you're beautiful! What a great dog! Who wouldn't want to spend time with you.
Jan 15, 2009 WHPmomma
Marius, you are to cute for words! A billion biscuits and hugs for you!
Jan 15, 2009 ursa'smomma
What a marvelous, handsome pooch Marius is!!!
Jan 15, 2009 kimnjaeger
Marius is one beautiful guy! What beautiful eyes he has! His colors are stunning. Kind of reminds me of The Big Bad Wolfe (in a good way)!
Jan 15, 2009 gryt
What a cutie pie!
Jan 15, 2009 doggone1973
Oh my just look at that sweet face, lots of hugs and kisses for you Marius.
Jan 15, 2009 twodogsthreecats
Looks like you've got a Belgian Shephard there. Beautiful!
Jan 15, 2009 mikdebluvpups
He is so handsome!
Jan 15, 2009 anitac
Love all the pictures, great looking dog! Thanks
Jan 15, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
"C'mon mom, just a few more minutes of play time in the snow". So cute!!
Jan 15, 2009 Coinshop
Marius is a gem! He seems like a fun, lovable big boy. Many happy years to you all.
Jan 15, 2009 amyliz
What a wonderful dog! A long, happy, and healthy life to you, Marius!
Jan 15, 2009 lucybee
Marius,I love your name! You do look like a Belgian shepherd,and you also remind me a dog we had when I was a kid who was a collie/German Shepard mix.In any event you are a handsome and dignified man! Your family is very lucky to have you.
Jan 15, 2009 muffin
pretty pretty coat! he looks like a german or belgian shepard golden retriever mix to me!
Jan 15, 2009 mymarius
Thank you so much for all your kind words! Lots of love from Marius (the German Shepherd/Caucasian Shepherd mix - mystery solved ;-)) and his "mom".
Jan 15, 2009 naomi_C
Such a sweety!
Jan 15, 2009 Prettynplaid
Awwwww. Marius is so cute. He looks like he could have some Belgian Sheepdog in him.
Jan 15, 2009 Lola&Oliver
He looks like a Belgian Tervuren!!! What a beauty!!!
Jan 15, 2009 djmc
Great picture, Soooooooo handsome. Many hugs and kisses
Jan 15, 2009 allmyshelties
Marius, what a great name for such an elegant boy (even when you're being silly with snow on your face).Happy life full of biscuits & fun.
Jan 15, 2009 LinnyLuvsPups
marius you are beautiful! I LOVE YOU! ur sooooo cute!
Jan 15, 2009 brunomom
Magnificent, simply magnificent.
Jan 15, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Wow.. Marius looks so regal and handsome! What a gorgeous doggy! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jan 15, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Marius is a lovely handsome boy! Just look at those loving eyes, his cute ears and beautiful coat! I also like the picture of him smiling. Such a gorgeous gentleman indeed. Hugs (again) from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
Jan 15, 2009 lisalisa
Marius, you're so gorgeous! I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss. You deserve lots of biscuits (I gave you 11). I wish you lots of love and good health, sweet boy.
Jan 15, 2009 Mattie2k
Very, very cute!!! I agree with marier, he looks like he could be collie/german shepherd. Adorable.
Jan 15, 2009 tazzysmom
Marius is a very handsome fella'. He looks so soft and huggable and kind of guy! I wish you many, many happy years with together.
Jan 15, 2009 tazzysmom
typo :( many happy years together
Jan 15, 2009 lablover3000
Marius, you look like you are a fantastic dog. Your mane is so cute!! You are one the awsomest dogs I've ever seen!!!! many hugs, bones, toys, treats, and many happy years with your family! lots of love from California!!!
Jan 15, 2009 Rider4ever
He is absolutley beautiful! I love his color and long coat! Do you have any idea of what breed he is?
Jan 16, 2009 kerryllr
He seems to be saying, "This is my regal look, aren't I handsome?" Yes you are!
Jan 16, 2009 gary
Wow. What a stern
Jan 16, 2009 stormsamson
Sweetie Pie!!!!!
Jan 16, 2009 puppydog
Marius is a big gorgious boy! he looks very loving and protective. ur very lucky to have him. 11++++++ biscuits for you beautiful boy!
Jan 16, 2009 puppy world
i love her she is a germen sheperded mix collie soo cute must be very brave and depends on her owner
Jan 16, 2009 Silly Paws
I would have to hug him and kiss him and call him George!!!!!
Jan 17, 2009 Beagle109
Marius, you are handsome and special! Lots of love to you!
Jan 17, 2009 iwantanewfie
Haha, I love this look, as if he's saying "hand over the dog biscuit and no one gets hurt" He looks like a sweetie!
Jan 21, 2009 Checkers243
It looks like u hav some german shepherd in u, mabe some collie! u are so cute!
Jan 21, 2009 Checkers243
u r so cute! when i added dog treats i clicked so u got an 11 out of 11 biscuits! now u have 10.75 biscuits! yay for u! yay for u!
Jan 22, 2009 packermom
The love in his eyes for you is unmistakable. He is a keeper. Love him forever!!!
Jan 30, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
Isn't it wonderful that a mixed breed has the best traits of every breed in them. This is the sweetest face I have seen in a while. Marius is a beautiful boy. May you have many happy healthy years with your wonderful friend. Please convey a gentle bear hug to this pretty angel. Oh, and a billion biscuits!
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