Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Sep 9, 2008 Georgie
Awwwww what a cutie Marlo and a cute lil friend too
Sep 9, 2008 tazzysmom
First of all, your pictures are great! And, Marlow is a very handsome subject. If I were a small dog, I would love to have a friend like Marlow--nobody would dare mess with me when he's around. Give him a hug for me.
Sep 9, 2008 kady
Such a big handsome boy
Sep 9, 2008 sherry_morris
arghhhhh what a cute pic and Marlow looks so protective over the lil one. You must be proud as punch
Sep 9, 2008 terry c
Sep 9, 2008 terry c
This one, too!
Sep 9, 2008 terry c
He is a handsome boy. And a sweet one, too.
Sep 9, 2008 brunomom
Sep 9, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Marlow looks like SuperDog in this photo. What a beauty! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 9, 2008 wolfgirl66
Marlow is truely a remarkable dog!!! He is very very beautiful and sounds extremely good natured.!!!!!! I hope ya'll have a very long and happy life together with ya'll's "true blue" friend!!! I'm sure that having sweet "goof ball" for a forever friend will always keep your life filled up with trust,patience,love,joy and lots of fun adventures!!!
Sep 9, 2008 HillCountryGal
Marlow, what a handsome guy you are. Here's another breed that's so loyal. Each of your pictures are good. Especially like the one of you and your little pup friend. Wishing you a long, healthy and fun filled life.
Sep 9, 2008 ckendall
What a handsome boy you are!!Looks very regal!
Sep 9, 2008 djmc
Marlow you sure a handsome fellow. What a wonderful picture. Enjoy Enjoy your big boy. Many biscuits and loads of tennis balls.
Sep 9, 2008 fritzy
Marlow.....this picture is adorable. You are so big.....and sweet.....and your friend is just too cute!!! :)
Sep 9, 2008 puppypal6767
Lovin the beagle ;)
Sep 9, 2008 corgigirl37
My husband and I had a beagle and a Rottie as our first pets!! This brings back wonderful memories
Sep 9, 2008 Yeatts
What a gorgeous dog!!
Sep 9, 2008 pomtzu
What a handsome guy!!
Sep 9, 2008 carolvision
I love this boy sooo much. My Ramsey is 11-years-old. He is the best. I'm sure you have enjoyed Marlow and may you have many more woderful years with him. Huggzzz and Kissesss and... biscuits.
Sep 9, 2008 daveydog
Love your description of "goofball". He must have everything a rottie needs to be so comfortable and relaxed. As he is cared for, so he can care for others. This photo needs to be a calendar page ... it's beautiful to me. Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Sep 9, 2008 shellyrini
talk about demanding respect. Man he is just gorgeous. A little intimidating I must admit. I am so glad you kept his tail, I don't think I have ever seen a rottie with a tail, but I really like it. Honestly this is one strong and regal looking boy who just oozes greatness. God bless.
Sep 9, 2008 pooh91158
Rotties are my very favorite breed! (We've had 3) Marlow is gorgeous! Love all the was hard to choose just one. Is the beagle yours, too, or was that at a doggy park? Our Esther girl will be 9 next month and she has a 9 yr. old beagle-mix living with her, too! Tons of biscuits and belly rubs for Marlow!!
Sep 9, 2008 mummm
These photos are SO good that choosing one was nearly impossible. I love this one a lot! You have a beautiful guy there.
Sep 9, 2008 Beth1226
It was hard to decide which photo I like best because they are all great. I ended up choosing this one because rotts have gotten such a bad rep and it's not deserved. Seeing Marlow and this puppy, you can just tell that he's a gentle giant. He's a mighty handsome boy.
Sep 9, 2008 twoluvbugs
OMG! Have you borrowed my boy? My Tankie looks just like your Marlow, tail and all! He's got the same personality too! Plenty of love, hugs and biscuits for your boy too!
Sep 9, 2008 amyliz
What a handsome boy you are, Marlow! From the looks of things, you are also a sweet and gentle giant!
Sep 9, 2008 catlover
I'm soo glad to hear he is gentle with smaller dogs. You always hear horror stories about bigger dogs hurting or killing smaller dogs.
Sep 9, 2008 krystabeajackson
What a goof ball indeed! And what a doll!
Sep 9, 2008 PreciousHoudini
What a cutie! Kind of reminds me of my Houdini! I love big gentle dogs!
Sep 9, 2008 daphne's mom
I love this pic! Marlow is a very handsome boy! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Lots of love and biscuits to you Marlow!
Sep 9, 2008 dkritter
Marlow is so handsome, and the adorable little Beagle just adds to the cuteness! Many biscuits to you and your little friends Marlow!
Sep 9, 2008 Rickysmom
I don't get it, less than 11 biscuits??? Marlow is extremely handsome, just beautiful, and I love the fact that he is gentle enough to play with the little ones. A million biscuits for you Marlow.
Sep 9, 2008 Susans4dogs
Sep 9, 2008 Rickysmom
Such a gentle, handsome boy. So many beautiful photos to choose from, but Ill stop here.
Sep 9, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
Wow, what a gorgeous specimen! Marlow is just to great for words! Big bear hugs for him, and a boatload of biscuits! Again, WOW!!!
Sep 9, 2008 Annick
What a beauty, so regal looking.
Sep 9, 2008 sputnik
Wow!! I'm speechless at his beauty.
Sep 9, 2008 kerryllr
What a handsome man! And kind to the bone, too. 'Got to love a big baby boy!
Sep 9, 2008 2dogmom
What a gorgeous dog! I have known two Rotties and they were the nicest dogs ever. I love big dogs!
Sep 9, 2008 lisalisa
It was hard to pick a favorite picture - he's magestic and gentle at the same time. Beautiful boy. Please hug him for me!
Sep 9, 2008 malawi
He's truly a handsome boy! A winner in every picture. I see he still has his tail...don't think I have ever seen a Rottie with a tail great that he is so gently! Hugs and kisses
Sep 9, 2008 susanah
He surely doesn't look goofy here! What a beauty. Looks like a gentle giant! Enjoy.
Sep 9, 2008 lalamcgoo
What a handsome boy!!! This is a great pic!!!
Sep 9, 2008 stormsamson
Marlow is so majestic and regal. He is very big for his breed. But, yet a gentle giant for all of his pet friends/family. Many years of good health for you and yours.
Sep 9, 2008 pawprint1513
lol this dog looks oddly firmilar like i have seen him on this website or something. oh well he is beautiful! my puppy coco is a rottie well mixed. this picture is cute!!!!!! beagles and rotties are some of my favorite dogs!!!!
Sep 9, 2008 tamwise21
I think he likes to take in a little sun too..........
Sep 9, 2008 maddiesmom
marlow is so gentle!!!! wow. he must be a great dog. he is beautiful, regal, and has a big heart. your pictures are wonderful.
Sep 9, 2008 whippoorwill
This beauty looks more like a landmark than just a dog! Heavens, Marlow is so handsome! May you have many more happy years to love each other.
Sep 9, 2008 In Memory of Annie
Oh! The big bad evil Rotti! I've never met a Rott I didn't love! My Rotti, Werebear(RIP Big Boy)Was the biggest mush ever and got along with all our kids. He was rescued from the pound at 1 year. His favorite thing to do was sit on me if I lay on the floor.(120lbs.!) Then he would turn around to my husband and smile! Love you Marlow! Hugs and kisses to you!
Sep 9, 2008 In Memory of Annie
How regal looking!
Sep 9, 2008 eckmlk
it isn't easy to look this handsome with your tongue sticking out, but Marlow has managed to pull it off. well done "goof ball".
Sep 9, 2008 abesmom
Ah Marlow, you are truly magnificent! As the momma of a rott/beagle mix, I guess I'm just a tiny bit biased! You truly ARE a gentle giant.
Sep 9, 2008 Ace's mom
Rotties have the cutest tushies!! And Marlows is a fine example!!
Sep 9, 2008 bubbie
Absolutely stunning!!!!!
Sep 9, 2008 ohmypuppydog01
marlow looks so young in this picture!! he's absolutely adorable.
Sep 9, 2008 mydexy
he sure does like little dogs!!!
Sep 9, 2008 Ange2809
This picture is just adorable!!! You can see the love in his face, so sweet! All round you are absolutely stunning and a gentle giant Marlow, a kazillion hugs, kisses and doggy bikkies for you hun!!! xoxoxo
Sep 9, 2008 Chance551238
so so so so cute,love this pic
Sep 9, 2008 Gabi
That dog look's so independant; just like my dog.
Sep 9, 2008 Gabi
That picture is cute, but the pose that the dog is in, it looks kinda like a human pose. I bet that is a GREAT dog! I wish I had that dog; and every dog in the world!!! "Mwa ha ha ha!!!"
Sep 9, 2008 LSnively
Not normally a fan of bigger dogs but this baby is too cute for words!
Sep 9, 2008 lovinlabs
ALL of your photos are GREAT! You could make a wonderful calendar with all of those shots. I LOVE this one though....trying to strike the regal, strong pose - and then the tongue comes out! LOVE IT!!!!!
Sep 9, 2008 shaungrl
You don't need to be a P.I. to see Marlow is a handsome gentleman. Stacks of biscuits to this great guy.
Sep 9, 2008 trent30
He is Beautiful. You raised an awesome dog.
Sep 9, 2008 Friendtoalldogs
Absolutely beautiful!
Sep 9, 2008 catpuppy
He looks so gentle! Like my dog Buddy!LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 9, 2008 lucybee
He is a very regal looking dog,so wise and gentle.I know he must be a joy to live with!
Sep 9, 2008 silly-leo232
hes so big and beautiful!! love
Sep 10, 2008 Francy
You are so beautiful in this pic!!! I love you *__*
Sep 10, 2008 Moosey
Love all your picures, Marlow! You are one handsome (and big) fur baby! Love the strong silent type! Big hugs for your big boy from Michigan!!!!!!!
Sep 10, 2008 zoesam
Marlow does look like a goofball. I am sure he brings you a lot of laughter. A ton of biscuits to you Marlow!
Sep 10, 2008 prides_halo
He is a great lookin dog. Very nice and clean cut look. Rotties are great. May you have many more years filled with doggy kisses and days filled with laughter
Sep 10, 2008 gary
I want a Marlow. What a Handsome young Man.
Sep 10, 2008 puppydog
Marlow is simply adorable, he looks sooooo friendly an playful, I love dogs like that. I also love rottweilers, but don't like the people who give them bad reputations. Same with pitbulls, Its the owners fault not the dogs.
Sep 10, 2008 puppy world
he so cute he brave and strong and he loves playing sports and he loves puppies and their kids for dogs and always play around with them
Sep 11, 2008 Sammie's Mommy
I love this picture!
Sep 11, 2008 PatchesMom
I love them all you are soooo very lucky to have them all!Lots of hugs and kisses!
Sep 12, 2008 Kiki_luv
Look at this handsome face!
Sep 14, 2008 Wild Rileys
Ilove this pic. He is soooo handsome and looks like he owns that lake!! What a wonderful guy!!
Feb 26, 2009 sheltie-68
I love Rottweiler!I love his face!I miss my beautyful Hera!!
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