Mason the bichon

Dog Breed: Unknown

Mason's mom says: Mason splits his time between Charlotte NC and Chicago IL. He just turned two and is the sweetest, most snuggly dog. He loves to curl up and sleep in his now-too-small bed. Every night, he curls up in our bed and tries to sleep between us. He loves to chase squirrels and sticks. He loves the beach. He might look like a fluffy white puppy, but he does his best to get muddy! Mason is wonderful with our friends' children and (sometimes) does tricks. He doesn't wear clothes in Charlotte but he won't walk on salt or ice in the wintertime without boots on. When we are in Chicago and it is really really windy, he will flatten himself to the sidewalk and beg to be carried. On those days, a coat or sweater is a necessity and we think he's quite grateful for the warm clothing.