Max the Labrador Retriever (age 13)

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Max is a sweet, playful dog who constantly demonstrates affection for his people. In addition to his craving for human attention, his trademark features include big floppy ears, super-soft fur, and delightful star quality. For years, he loved to play fetch and catch balls in the air (stubbornly refusing to stop playing), found a way to grab whatever tissue or napkin was lying around, and insisted on being the center of all social activity in his house. Now thirteen, Max has calmed down a great deal, but you can still catch him sleeping upside-down with his legs splayed out or running nose-first into a carpet and then rolling around snorting in order to say hello to a room. Our older Lab, Huntley, passed away very recently, and we miss seeing Max licking her ears and finishing her water. Although he sleeps more nowadays and we avoid encouraging physical activity since he tends to get huffy and out of breath, our boy Max is still a thrill, with his genuine adoration for family members and comfy beds. It's impossible to leave a room without Max following you; it's almost equally impossible to type on a laptop without finding a soft, wrinkly head squeezing its way underneath your wrist.