Max the Shetland Sheepdog

Dog Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Max is a one-year-old sable Shetland sheepdog. He is a blur of energy when he is running around the yard or playing soccer. We got him only a couple of weeks ago and he has already learned sit, lay down, come, stay, give paw, and no chase the kitty, knowing no previous tricks. Max loves to play soccer and chase sticks or his tail. He is constantly making us laugh with his bouncy personality and ability not to sit still. He always has a smile on his face, even when he is sleeping! Show Max his leash and he will jump for joy.

Comments (55)
wolfgirl66 Oct 17, 2008
Max is breathtakingly beautiful and all things wonderful!!!!!!!! His...

suelill Oct 17, 2008
Awwwwww Max you are so handsome & cuddlesome. I'm in love again....

melvinator Oct 17, 2008
"It's not easy being this gorgeous." A big kiss on your...

cjsadlier Oct 17, 2008
What a beautiful young man! This breed is so regal. I wish you a...

pamfontainepeters Oct 17, 2008
Max is gorgeous! I love the "no chase the kitty" trick! ...

RichiePhoto Oct 17, 2008
What a great looking sheltie! Shelties Rule! Many happy years...

GwdGma Oct 17, 2008
He smiles even when he is sleeping because he is so happy to be with...

ckendall Oct 17, 2008
Max is beautiful!! I had a Sheltie many years ago and he was a great...

hevagall Oct 17, 2008
Your dog is beautiful! They don't look like this in the UK, they...

HillCountryGal Oct 17, 2008
Max is so happy cause life is good! Sure glad to hear he's...

fritzy Oct 17, 2008
What a beautiful coat!!!! Handsome!!! :)

waterlandsky Oct 17, 2008
Hard to believe this beautiful boy is a Sheltie. The picture...

tamwise21 Oct 17, 2008
Handsome lad...

kerryllr Oct 17, 2008
I love this photo - perfect timing for a tonge. What a regal looking...

tanng1 Oct 17, 2008
Someone is a wonderful photographer! All of the pictures of Max are...

zoesam Oct 17, 2008
Max does look like such a happy boy! I love his smile. I wish you...

Beagle109 Oct 17, 2008
Max is beautiful!

mikdebluvpups Oct 17, 2008

lalindamore Oct 17, 2008
Such a sweet face! You're a beautiful doggie! Lots of hugs and...

Puppy Power Oct 17, 2008
Max is such a handsome gent!

amyliz Oct 17, 2008
Wow, I bet all the lady sogs have eyes have for handsome Max! What a...

lilibean Oct 17, 2008
Happy Boy! Many happy years together to you all.

lh9313 Oct 17, 2008
Whos a handsome boy?

HeatherB Oct 17, 2008
I love this breed. They are so wonderful!

sputnik Oct 17, 2008
AWW Max! You are so photogenic! What a fabulous dog!

Francy Oct 17, 2008
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love u MAX the maximus

whippoorwill Oct 17, 2008
What a wonderful friend to come home to every day. Your Max is just...

jbroy Oct 17, 2008
He is beautiful

Courage's mommy Oct 17, 2008
sooo cute! my dog was the daily grown up puppy thye other day. check...

Lue119314 Oct 17, 2008
yeah i love him. He bring so much laughter to our lives. For example...

djmc Oct 17, 2008
Love you Max. I had a Sheltie Daisy, They are wonderful pets. I lost...

melodious Oct 17, 2008
Max, you are so cute. May you have the maximum amount of fun each and...

gary Oct 17, 2008
Such a handsom Boy

daphne's mom Oct 17, 2008
What a handsome boy! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

drakes' granny Oct 17, 2008
One of your few quiet moments I guess. You sure are a beauty Max. ...

Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2 Oct 17, 2008
Max, you look absolutely regal in this shot - the king of all you...

lucybee Oct 17, 2008
I agree with whippoorwill, he is absolutely perfect!

allmyshelties Oct 17, 2008
Max, you are such a handsome boy!!! I've had Shelties for many...

canine-ethos Oct 17, 2008
Handsome boy!!

tazzysmom Oct 17, 2008
What an incredibly handsome young man! He sounds like such a happy...

puppy world Oct 17, 2008

oaktown girl Oct 17, 2008
Hey, Max! What a super smart boy you are! Now, can I have a...

lisamarie Oct 17, 2008
ohhh beautiful! i had a sheltie named koko for 14 years he...

packermom Oct 18, 2008
What a beautiful specimen of a dog. You can just see the intelligence...

jazza-lee Oct 18, 2008
'No more pictures, Please'

doggymommy Oct 18, 2008
Max is just amazingly beautiful! I love this photo, it really shows...

Sweetlilly Oct 18, 2008
I use to have one when I was a todler ( many moons ago!!) I lear to...

mummm Oct 19, 2008
What a beauty! Max looks like a wonderful guy!

terry c Oct 19, 2008
How handsome Max is.

catlover Oct 19, 2008
Max, You are soooo beautiful.

clementinem Oct 19, 2008

joejonas Oct 19, 2008
wow.soo far that is the most BEAUTIFUL DOG I HAVE SEEN IN MY...

Rickysmom Oct 20, 2008
Awww! Beautiful, handsome Max.

puppydog Oct 22, 2008
Max is so cute! he looks like a very outdorzie dog!

sheltie-68 Feb 26, 2009
He is beautyful!