Maximus the Corgi

Dog Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Max is an absolute sweetie. He loves everyone and everything, is generally good about chewing on things he's not supposed to, and has a very scary amount of energy. When he goes to play with his best friend, Mav, a yellow Labrador his age, Mav always always runs out of energy long before Max is done playing. Max loves the dog park and will play with both big dogs and small dogs equally well. His tendency to get as dirty as possible is adorable, but occasionally difficult, as he's very good at it. His feline brothers still have not become his friends (as he so very much desires) but they are now co-existing, which is much improved. One of his cats will sit on the baby gate and growl to get Max's attention, just so that he can smack Max when he comes over to investigate. Max, however, thinks that this is marvelous, as it means the cat wants to play. Overall, he's my darling Stubby Buddy, and I love him even when he's having teenager days.