Maya the Border Collie Cross

Dog Breed: Unknown

Maya's mom says: My husband and I found Maya listed on the website of Border Collie Trust, a rescue society in Birmingham, England. They didn't show any photos of her on the website, but their description of her ("very affectionate; in desperate need of human company and love") grabbed us right away, and we drove two hours through a winter storm to meet her that weekend. When the kennel assistant brought Maya out, she jumped straight into our arms and hasn't left since! She is high-energy, sweet, sometimes a little crazy, and always absolutely adorable. She loves everybody, even horses - whenever she meets one, she tries to jump up to sniff his nose! I have a chronic illness that keeps me house-bound, and Maya's company is what keeps me going through the bad times - she snuggles up on top of my chest when I lie on the couch, and gives me infinite amounts of love and companionship. We've had her now for over a year, and we can't imagine being without her.