Maya the Yellow Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Unknown

Maya's mom says: Maya is a hearing dog trained by the fabulous organization Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). She was raised by a loving family and at 18 months of age was sent to CCI's headquarters to begin her training to become an assistance dog. Her trainers noted her intelligence, motivation, food drive, and attentiveness to sounds and decided to train her to become a hearing dog. I was born severely-to-profoundly deaf and waited many years for a hearing dog of my own. After discovering CCI, I applied and was invited to come out and meet Maya. After two intensive weeks of training and learning the ropes, we returned home to work on customizing sounds. Today, Maya physically alerts me to sounds such as the ringing telephone, a knock at the door, my alarm clock, the smoke alarm, even someone calling my name. She also leads me to the source of the sounds, and in so doing has tremendously increased my feelings of safety and security. When she's not hard at work (sporting her blue-and-yellow CCI vest and orange hearing-dog leash) and play (alerting to sounds is fun!), she loves to cuddle, play with squeaky toys, and swim.