Maymo the Lemon Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Maymo is a 2 year old lemon beagle and YouTube sensation. His first splash into the viral video world came in March of 2012, when Ellen Degeneres showed a video of him playing with a battery-operated toy mouse on her show. Maymo's YouTube success skyrocketed later that year with the release of "The Ultimate Dog Shaming," a YouTube video depicting Maymo hoarding water jugs and destroying an antique stuffed panda bear, among other naughty deeds. Since then, Maymo's life has been enriched with the addition of a sister, a lemon beagle puppy named Penny, with whom he has become inseparable. The two beagles star in Maymo's latest video, in which Maymo pushes his little sister in a shopping cart over land and sea in an epic journey to their favorite place. You can watch it below!