Meigs the Puggle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Hi there! My name is Meigs (because I was found in Meigs County, Ohio, but a lot of people call me Meiggies and Meiglet) and I've been told I'm a Puggle. I just know I love people and sniffing trees! Someone abandoned me last year in a parking lot. Can you believe that? I was in heat and they never had a collar on me so I didn't know what to do. Luckily a kind soul picked me up and took me to a nearby shelter where they found me to be a wonderful little doggie and put me up for adoption. That's where my new mom comes in! She found me and took me home and I feel so lucky! I have a great life now. I am a very calm, loving and well-balanced dog. I get daily long walks, get to go on car rides all the time (one of my favorite things to do), play with friends and climb trees. Yes, I love climbing trees! Recently my mom got me certified to be a pet therapy dog so now we go visit people who don't feel well and are in Hospice care. I snuggle with them and they pet me and I make them smile. I love my new job! I couldn't have asked for a better life and I feel so fortunate to have found my mom!