Mel the Beagle / Dachshund

Dog Breed: Unknown

Mel's dad says: I adopted Mel from a local shelter just over a year ago. She was a rescue pup from South Carolina and battled a tough case of heartworm when she first arrived. Mel's doing just fine now and is a great companion and roommate. Contrary to her beagle / dachshund mix, she's actually quite quiet---not much barking or howling. She is a loud snorer, though, especially when napping on the couch, one of her favorite things to do. She also especially enjoys chasing rabbits along the train tracks in our neighborhood and completely destroying any squeaky stuffed animal she is given. I have affectionately nicknamed her "Smelly", not so much for her body odor, but because her beagle nose will not allow her to walk half a block without taking in all the scents. She's been a welcome addition to my home.