Mhari the Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Mhari is my first dog. I adopted her from a shelter in June. She came to the shelter as a stray. Believe it or not, I was the first one to come and visit her. All I felt was love when I saw her. She can be a big pickle sometimes, but for the most part she is very well behaved. Her favorite things to do are eat, lick feet, eat, lick toes, cuddle, rough house, herd her cat siblings Maddie and Big Red and meddle in the trash. So far she has mastered sit, lay down, come, not so much stay and shake paw. The best part about my day is usually coming home to Mhari. When she greets me it's like she's throwing me a personal party. She is such a happy girl that loves everyone and everyone loves her back! I love her so much and I look forward many more healthy and happy years with her.