Mia the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Chihuahua / Rat Terrier

Mia is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix. She came to live with us 4 years ago, she's mainly my sister's dog, but she became like another family member. She was so small she could fit in your hand. She has such a great personality. She loves being outside and watching the rabbits in our yard. She loves walks and chasing chipmunks too. Fetch is probably her absolute favorite. She'll chase the ball until your arm falls off! One of her favorite snacks is carrots. She even has her own seat at the kitchen table (terrible I know). But she just sits there and watches us eat. She likes to be involved in everything we do. She barks at everything, but I guess that's the Chihuahua in her, but she means well. She's very affectionate as well, she always has to be up against someone. She's a great dog, and we love her so much. It's true that mutts make the best dogs!