Mike the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Mike was my first puppy and he is spoiled rotten, no doubt about it. Unlike most labs, he doesn't like to get wet at all. After drinking water he immediately gets behind the couch and rubs his face against the carpet until there's not a drop on his whiskers. Because he is so spoiled, he only allows us to pet him when he pleases apart. One thing he hates is being left alone. When I have to leave him alone, he gets into the trash and spreads it throughout the house. But when he's with his brothers he's a great boy. Mike thinks that he is the king of the house and is definitely the leader of the pack. He is passionate about food and squeaky toys. He enjoys eating ice cubes. Although Mike loves his other brothers (Jeff, Max, Sammy, and Johnny), after the loss of his baby brother, Tommy, he has never been the same. I am very lucky to have Mike as part of my family.