Mila the Labrador Mix

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever / Poodle

Hi! I'm Mila. My full name is Milacku, which means "sweetheart" in Czech, but no one can pronounce I so I just go by Mila. My hobbies include sleeping on my back, playing with two toys at once, and trying to steal socks. I can't wait until I go to the dog park. I want to play with every dog I meet.

Comments (25)
Jose Feb 24, 2013
Mila you're a very pretty girl. I hope that you have a great life...

Missmilamae Feb 24, 2013
Mila, you're a beauty and your name reminds me of my own precious...

RobinSpringer Feb 24, 2013
Oh my Lord, who couldn't love that face!

dogsrus570 Feb 24, 2013
How adorable!

bestfriends Feb 24, 2013
Mila, you're a beautiful dog. Your eyes contain great love! With...

ILUVMYBubbah Feb 24, 2013
Mila you are too cute!!

Mmmousemaid Feb 24, 2013
Mila, you are awsome. I love your fur and what a wonderful face. ...

mychiensr1 Feb 24, 2013
Mila is soooo adorable! I love your chocolate lab button nose. ...

WATERDOG Feb 24, 2013
I'm gonna need to see some ID. I understand Mila, Good Girl, Cheers!

daphne's mom Feb 24, 2013
Mila you are beautiful! I hope you have many more happy and healthy...

goldenlover Feb 24, 2013
Beautiful creature. Great pics and story !!

chelsearosebud Feb 24, 2013
TWO toys at the same time?! WOW! Mila, you are a very talented and...

amyliz Feb 24, 2013
Mila, that is a face designed to melt hearts! You sound like such a...

drakes' granny Feb 24, 2013
Mila is beautiful. Love the color, even her nose is cute. Sending...

cane corso Feb 24, 2013
"Hey camera - are you looking at me? I said - ARE YOU LOOKING AT...

Critter Crazy Feb 24, 2013
Love this picture of Mila - she is so scruffy-cute. She looks to have...

kgpayne13 Feb 24, 2013
Hello, pretty Mila!

flutey48 Feb 24, 2013
Tell me what it is you want - I'll get it for you right away......

mummm Feb 24, 2013
You truly look like a sweetheart!

nancybatt1 Feb 24, 2013
Mila you look like you are so full of wisdom...what do you know that...

iluvk9s Feb 24, 2013
Awwww, Mila is such a precious sweet baby!!!

Abiglen Feb 25, 2013
Mila, you are a very sweet and good looking doggy - a pure joy to be...

guerrero's grandma Feb 25, 2013
Mila, you are a gorgeous girl & 11 biscuits is NOT enough! Long &...

bluegigi Feb 25, 2013
Super nose-icles!!!!

Frances016 Feb 26, 2013
"it's mine and don't you dare touch it" love that...