Millie the Cocker Spaniel

Dog Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Millie's mom says: Millie is the best girl. I taught her at an early age to ring a bell hanging on the door when she needed to go outside. She loves tennis balls and squeaky balls. Every time she goes outside she takes one with her, but she never brings them back. Once a week I pick them up out in the yard. She thinks it's great fun to try and get all of them away from me. Millie gets so excited when I come home from work. Her tail doesn't work fast enough, and she ends up wagging her whole back end---it's hysterical. In the winter, I let her fur grow long and it makes her look like a wolfman. She also loves to sleep under the covers with me (with just her nose sticking out) during the winter. I love her like crazy and am so glad she came into my life.