Minnie the Toy Poodle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Minnie's dad says: Minnie is now 2½ years old and is a very rambunctious toy poodle, originally born in South Carolina. You’d never guess, but she’s right at home up here in Anchorage, Alaska, and loves to play in the snow. She may look all “prim and proper,” but let me tell you she is a country girl at heart. Her big sister, Princess, an apricot toy poodle, is quite a bit smaller but wiser and keeps Minnie in line! Occasionally, Princess gives Minnie a good scolding when she needs it. Minnie’s greatest talent is her ability to smile! Every day when I get home from work she literally stands at the top of the stairs and gives a great big doggy grin showing her marvelous doggy “grillz”! It really is amazing because it looks exactly like a true smile! Her favorite toy is her green-and-white stuffed “sticky. She can chew it for hours and often falls asleep with it still in her mouth. We’ve had a few dogs over the years, but Minnie is clearly the best we’ve ever had! (Just don’t tell Princess!)