Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Nov 29, 2006 Nadine
BMD is my favorite breed of dogs and yours is absolutely beautiful. Give Misha lots of hugs cookies and kisses.
Nov 29, 2006 Erin
Yay! Beautiful puppy. I love big dogs!
Nov 29, 2006 yujismom
this dog is too gorgeous!
Nov 29, 2006 Kendra
How pretty! I love the pic in the snow : )
Nov 29, 2006 AsHlEy
I have seen many Bernese Mountain Dogs but this by far is the most cutest. I love Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Nov 29, 2006 Puppy♥Lover
So cute love this breed! Love the picture of her in the snow and of you holding her! CAnt beleive shes not even a year old what a cute little(ok well pretty big)baby girl xoxox
Nov 29, 2006 DieselsMom
Snowy High Five, Misha! Magnificent pup - truly beautiful!
Nov 29, 2006 Julia
Misha! You are a lap dog! Congratulations! Contrary to popular belief, big dogs can be lap dogs, too, just so long as their human companions have sturdy hips and legs to sit on. Just remember that you are huge; don't try to sit on children or the elderly.

In other news, you are friggin' adorable. Your sweet face makes me wriggle with sheer delight. I would love to kiss the top of your head and shake your snowy paw. I would also oblige you and allow you to sit on my feet and chew up my socks. No, don't thank me--it would be a minor sacrifice to spend time with such a big beauty. In fact, I would present you with entire laundry baskets full of socks if you allowed me to bury my face in your neck ruff. I'll let you think it over.
Nov 29, 2006 Lucy and Frag-s Mommy
What a BEAUTIFUL dog!!! The fifth picture is my favorite! She looks all warm and you think she can come keep me warm in here in Texas tomorrow?! The high is supposed to be 33! We might even have some snow for her to play in!
Nov 29, 2006 anon
wow, she is BEAUTIFUL!! She looks so sweet, too. I just love this breed -- the markings are great and they look like such fun.

and Julia - I love your comments! I look specifically for yours whenever I come to check out the daily pups!
Nov 29, 2006 Alicia
Your puppy is soooo.. cute I love dogs!
Nov 29, 2006 Joanne in Cochrane
Misha you are so beautiful - I wonder if Santa can find one just like you for under my tree!
Nov 29, 2006 scobig
Such a big beautiful girl! I love the color pallette on these dogs! Happy *early* birthday Misha! Your snow picture is the cutest thing ive seen all day!
Nov 29, 2006 Julia
Hahaha! Thanks!! There are people on here that I feel that way about, too. "Oaktown Girl", "Animefreak", "Kudzu's Keeper", and "Knate and Charlene" are among some of my favorites. Yours, too, of course, since they are highly complimentary. :)
Nov 29, 2006 gina
Misha, you are just lovely! (I didn't realize how large you were until I saw you with your human!)...and Julia, I too enjoy reading your kind comments. I'm sort of new here, and it seems lately that people are getting so nasty all of a sudden in the comments. It wasnt this way I dont think when I first started looking here everyday...but lovely girls like Misha make it worth coming back to daily.
Nov 30, 2006 DogMom
OOHHHHHH!!! She is one of the prettiest dogs I've seen--those eyes!!!! The picture of her in the snow (waving) is amazing--it actually took by breath away. She is gorgeous--give her kisses from a fellow dog mom (to 5)!
Nov 30, 2006 zane
Gorgeous!!!!!!!! such a sweet looking girl.
Dec 1, 2006 Sarah
Lovely coloured coat! I love the paw wave in the snow: classic. :)
Dec 1, 2006 Jouk
Adorable! Sits like our older bernese and seems to be a "lapdog" like our year old puppy-bernese. ;)
Dec 2, 2006 #1DogLover
I LOVE BMD!!!!!!!!!!! They are so big and cute!!!!!!!:)
Dec 3, 2006
AHH!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses & Hugs to her!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxooo oooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo oooooxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Dec 3, 2006 nina
THESE ARE MY FAVORITE DOGS EVEREVEREVER. ohmygoodness, i love it. they're gorgeous!
Jan 18, 2007 IndyColts1786
i LOVE Bernese Mountain Dogs!!!! **too bad I live in a small apartment or I would have about 20 of them.**

she's Gorgeous!
Apr 2, 2007 sugarplum
Misha is very regal. Very soft too-- just wanna smoosh my face into her fur.
Apr 8, 2007 Taiyin
BMDs are the most beautifully colored dogs ever. And your little girl is gorgeous. I just want to cuddle her! Enjoy!
May 28, 2007 sandi
She is a beautiful little lady. What beautiful coloring and a gorgeous coat. I love that pic with her paw up-- so cute. She is just stunning in the last pic.
Oct 5, 2008 Willo
i love the colours on misha.i wonder what she would have been like when she was a puppy.
Oct 30, 2008 georgia04
I love this picture, it's as if she fancies herself a tiny lapdog. What a cute girl Misha is. Give her hugs and kisses for me.
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