Mitzi and Mabel the Pugs

Dog Breed: Unknown

Mitzi and Mabel's mom says: Mitzi is a very loving little dog, but actually she isn't a dog; she is just a little girl in a fur coat. She has her own dollies and a soother and loves children. She is always happy and energetic and loves to pose and dress up. Mabel the black pug is our younger pug, and she is deaf. We were very upset when we found out, but then we were just so happy that we were the ones to have her so we could keep her safe and love her to pieces. She is the cleanest little girl and she likes to suck on a soother when she goes to sleep, and sometimes just carries it around the house. When we have company, she always goes to her toybox to get a dolly to show them. They really are buddies, and with Mabel being deaf, Mitzi is her ears. They have signals, and if someone comes to the door and Mabel is snoozing, Mitzi will go over to her and bonk her on the forehead with her head. Mabel always looks to Mitzi for signals of what to do. Mabel can also tell time. She seems to know 6:00 am and 4:30 pm and that is when she eats.