Molly the Golden Retriever/Chow

Dog Breed: Unknown

Molly's mom says: Molly showed up outside her foster mom's house three weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans, which was the same time I moved to New Orleans. During and immediately after the hurricane, we both found ourselves independently in need of the kindness of strangers. Molly travelled around the Southeast with her foster mom and her foster mom's huge mastiff; I ended up in Lafayette after a string of days spent with people who didn't know me but did everything they could to help out. Five months later both Molly and I were back in the city, but we still hadn't met! Two weeks after that, I met Molly and her foster mom at the park for the first time. And two weeks after that, Molly came home with me, and we haven't looked back. Any time she can come with me, she does -- the Krewe of Barkus Parade, the SPCA's Dog Day at the Park, even just out wandering. The vendors at my farmer's market don't recognize me without her! Every day I'm glad she's here. She reminds me of everything that went right, even when so much was going wrong.