Molly the Great Pyrenees Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Molly's mom says: This is Molly Mack, my 16-month-old Great Pyr mix. I found her on Petfinders in Tennessee and adopted her from Great Dog Rescue in Massachusetts, and we live in New Jersey. Molly is a sweet girl who loves her family and her brother, Luca. She is very protective and guards her land vigorously. There is always something to bark at, whether it be a person, an animal, or maybe just a blowing leaf. She loves to be chased and to chew her bones in a quiet place. I fell in love with her picture by her unusual coloring, and once she became part of our home it was easy to love her easygoing temperment. She follows me around religiously and, although she is not fond of tricks nor obedience, will do anything for a treat. She is a great addition to our household!