Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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May 15, 2007 vllybllstar
aww....whose the little puppy with molly?
they're such sweeties
i love the baby pool pics
thank you for saving her; i bet she is worth it!
puppy xoxo
8) :mrgreen: :) :D :lol:
May 15, 2007 Liam4276
I love her color. It's beautiful.
May 15, 2007 lintilla
Now that is a beautiful dog. Some of the pictures you can definitely see she's a pit bull... and some of them you can definitely see she's a lab! So much love over here. :D
May 15, 2007 melwri0881
she is a beautiful dog.
May 15, 2007 Sashasmommy
I love the picture with the other little dog... it's like the little one knows someone's watching her... but is just not sure who...
May 15, 2007 eslapin
Awww, what a sweetheart! She is just beautiful, and what a happy story!
May 15, 2007 puppysmilz
What a beautiful girl!!! Pits and labs are two of the best dogs - lucky for you for having both in one sweet pet! She looks super-happy and like she really enjoys a wonderful home.
May 15, 2007 kathy
aw she is so beautiful. she has that pit bull smile. what a nice color coat. the both of you are lucky to have each other.
May 15, 2007 katiesh
It's Molly Francis! She's such a sweet thing!
She and my boy need to hang out, they've both been luvmutts, AND daily grown up puppies. It's a sign!

(look for Cooper ;])
May 15, 2007 bopeep
Molly is gorgeous, and you sure can see the energy she has. Thank you for rescuing her. It's too bad that pit bulls and pit bull mixes are being banned from so many cities because of irresponsible owners. I know you love her with all your heart. Hugs and kisses.
May 15, 2007 ccony1976
Hi-I am Molly's mom. I wanted to give a shout out to the little grey dog in one of the pictures. That is Mr. Bailey, Molly's 8 year old shih tzu brother. She spends a good deal of time trying to get him to play-so he has taken to sleeping under the beds-where she won't fit. Most of the time they simply nap next to one another:)
May 15, 2007 bulldogmom
Awwww. Mollypop, you are precious. Bless you for saving this angel. She will always love you!
May 15, 2007 therealbean
Her coat is gorgeous! I love all the pics, but that last one in particular makes me smile. What a sweetheart!!! Sounds like you all have a lot of fun together. (Bailey is a cutie pie, too!)
May 15, 2007 liz
She's such a beautiful, chocolatey color. And don't even get me started on the pit smile cheek wrinkles. Too cute!
May 15, 2007 sandi
what a beautiful girl! I love her chocolate color. I just love the pic of her on the bed peeking down at the other dog. She looks like she is really enjoying her pool and her frisbee. I love that adorable face in the second pic-- she looks so sweet. I'm so glad you rescued this amazing dog.
May 15, 2007 OnlyDogs
I have a black/brown lab x pit that we rescued off the street at 8 weeks old. She is so sweet and kind. I bet Molly is just the same! She is ADORABLE!
May 16, 2007 yujismom
my lhasa's best friend is a chocolate pit/lab mix named ezra...he chases her around the yard and then ezra sits on him...they love each other like mr bailey and molly do...woooofff!
May 16, 2007 BTLabs
What a pretty girl! From the side she looks like a Lab and from the front she looks like a Pit Bull. That is neat!
May 16, 2007 PhilBiker
What a cute brown nose!!!
May 17, 2007 mperlet
The picture with Molly up on the bed looking down at the dog under the bed is priceless!
Molly certainly enjoys the water!! :)
May 18, 2007 allimarie
She is so beautiful! LOVE her pitbull "smile." Her coat is so shiny and she seems like a great friend. Thanks for rescuing!!
May 22, 2007 erinadrenaline
[url= m/index...]My half pit[/url] loves swimming too... and I can see a lot of resemblance in their features. You have a gorgeous dog, she looks very sweet.
May 23, 2007 saresoftie84
Wow.......she's is one lovely mix! I LOVE her color and how rich and shiny her coat is. You can tell that she is very very loved!
Jun 13, 2007 bopeep
It is evident that Molly wants to play, but Mr. Bailey is not so sure. Anyway what a beautiful dog and Mr. Bailey is not so shabby either. Hugs and kisses. to both.
Aug 4, 2007 mlamb
I have a Lab Pitbull mix too!! She looks just like her...except color wise. She's mostly Black but with a white tip on the end of her tail, a white chest and a little bit of white on her feet. (not to mention the white that slowly growing all over her face!) Also she has a bit of bringle on her legs...hah! Good for you for looking past the hype!
Aug 31, 2007 hfriedman3
I LOVE Molly, I have a Lab/Pit Mix as well, his name is Stanley and they look so much alike. I'll bet they would have a ball swimming together. I'm really glad that other people are starting to realize that the Pit Bull is an amazing dog to own. I hope you have many fun years with Molly and it's true...they keep us young!
Oct 7, 2007 sparky8bird
I second that last comment. I just adopted a black and white lab/pit mix at 9mos. He's the sweetest thing ever. It took him a few days to relax and realize he wasn't going to be abandoned...again...and now he gets along famously with other dogs. I'm so happy I was able to resist the anti-pit hype. Also, I just met a pit-aussie mix. He was as sweet as can be too, although he looked a LOT more like a pit. I'm guessing the lab genes are pretty dominant, keeping lab/pits from looking quite so stocky.
Oct 22, 2007 mollysmommy
Molly is beautiful. What an expressive face, and wonderful eyes. Wishing you both lots of swims, frizbees, belly rubs, and naps with her big brother. Thank you so much for sharing her pictures with me.
Jul 12, 2008 bustermom
do you ever worry about the aggressive pit bull side being dominant, esp. around kids/visitors??
Feb 1, 2009 jennieflynn
hey i was wondering if you lost molly or the other dog in the picture with her we may have molly if you did lose her i live in carlisle ,Pennsylvania and if thats the area you live in and you lost molly please call 717-249-4895 we may have found her she looks just like the dog we found and she has the same tags too... just give us a call please let us know !!!
May 24, 2009 SuperMan_of_Dallas
Molly is exactly identical to Diamond, my 6month old female Red Pitbull / Chocolate Lab mix.
Jul 9, 2009 KD
I have a dog just like her. He is a Cholate Lab mixed with a pitt bull. When I saw her face I thought I was looking at him! I think it is in there nature to be full of energy and sweet. I love him just like one of the children.
Aug 19, 2009 JackieM_2010
i have a dog that is almost identical in looks, her name is Java, she is only 4 months old, she definately has a lot of energy and like your dog Molly, she loves to go swimming. they are amazing dogs
Nov 6, 2009 willowdog
I just finished showing my family pictures of Molly. I had them all thinking they were pictures of our family dog Willow. Our dog is identical and we love her just as much.We rescued her from a rubbermaid tote outside of a Walmart store when she was 5 weeks old.She is a perfect family dog and our family wouldnt be the same without her
Jan 18, 2010 vegasbaby
Hi- My puppy Vegas is the identical twin to Molly.They are sooooo cute. I couldn't ask for a better dog!
Mar 2, 2010 nycheareyecome
I just recently adopted a puppy that we thought was a lab and shep mix, but taking a good look at him, he is definitely a lab and pit mix. We are having some issues with his aggressive biting, and very hard biting. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Mar 29, 2010 pogey1
i too have a lab pit mix..looks alot like Molly. i rescued her from a shelter, when we got her she bit alot, more about play than anything else but it was hard biting too. each time she used her mouth we would shout "ouch" and pull away..she gradually got the idea. If she gets carried away and bites a bit too hard, we yell "ouch" and she backs off and sits down and waits till we say its ok. sometimes she will even come back and give kisses to where she bit.. now when she goes to use her mouth, we tell her "no mouth" and she closes her mouth. it takes time but they do listen.
Nov 26, 2010 sox's mom
i have a chocolate pit mixed with lab and dalmation and Molly looks just like him and their temperment sounds exactly the same but do you have tips on the water thing i'm not sure about taking him swiming i have never tried it before but he loves the outdoors and i'm afraid of him over heating.
Jun 5, 2011 Nells
I had a dog just the same color and all but she died on Friday the 3rd of June 2011. she was playing fetch then went for a swim and laid in the grass. But the bugs got too think for us so we were gonna call it a day so we started walking to the car but she didn't come she died in that spot. :( I'm so sad she was only a year old
Feb 19, 2012 Cmorris4
She is SO cute , My dog abbott could pass for he twin . We also got him from a shelter when he was 5 weaks olde . and he looks just like Molly
Apr 13, 2012 lioness8182
My dog is molly's clone!!! They must be long lost brother and sister!
Dec 24, 2012 CristovinhoJuninho
I have a beautiful female, this same mixture. Super docile, affectionate and obedient. A puppy 8 months. her name is Belinha. It would be good if there was a race named for this mixture.
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