Molly the Labrador x Pit Bull

Dog Breed: Unknown

Molly's mom says: I adopted Molly from the local pound when she was just five weeks old. She was a tiny, six-pound, nervous little one. She has completely grown out of that. She loves being outside, and her big backyard and dog door make her infinitely happy. She is a world-class Frisbee catcher and loves her tennis balls inside. She loves the baby pool we got her and spends many summer days just lying in it. She loves to swim so we take her to the lake or a friend's pool as often as we can. We find that a tired Molly is a Molly who will not wake up at 6:30 for her breakfast. She enjoys car rides since they usually land her at the park. Molly is a spitfire, but her exuberance keeps us all young!