Molly the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Beagle / Staffordshire Bull Terrier

My family adopted Molly from the pound on October 14, 2001. She has been with me for nine years. Molly is a wonderful and beautiful dog. She is extremely loving, smart and funny--I know she always gives me my morning laugh. Molly is now a big sister, as we added a new pup to the family, Daisy. Molly's favorite activities are walking in the woods, going to the dog park, wrestling with her dog pals and attempting to steal food off the tables. Molly's best friends aside from Daisy are two pug brothers named Timmy and Charlie. She really loves playing with them. Molly's favorite treats are her biscuits, pickles, and cheese. She likes digging up "treasure" from the ground and usually drags everything she finds over to me. I just love her!