Monip the Pomeranian/Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Monip's mom says: Monip is named after her mom, Molly, and dad, Nipper. She is our first dog and very precious to my husband and me. Monip looked like a little sausage when we got her, but she has grown into a little penguin! She is very active and loves to bury bones and find her old bones and rebury them. She is very smart and understands quite a few commands. The very first thing she did was sleep when we said "go to sleep." I thought that was absolutely amazing, like everything else about her. :-) No really, Monip is our baby and we spoil her. She goes everywhere with us. If we go bike riding, she gets in her little pouch and comes along. If we go boating, she puts on her lifejacket just like us and off we go. Things just aren't fun anymore if she isn't a part of it. She doesn't look like a typical Pom; she is unique all the way down to her name.