Monster the Pug

Dog Breed: Pug

You never have to be alone with Monster. He will cuddle with you when you lay on the couch and even sleep under the blanket to keep you warm. Boy does he ever turn into a heater! He loves his walks--so much so that he constantly watches your feet to see if you have shoes on. Believe me, when it's around the time for his walk and you have your shoes on he will be dancing at your feet. All you need to do is scratch his chin and he will do anything for you.

Comments (53)
LePenguin Feb 9, 2011
You missed a spot!

veronica Feb 9, 2011
adorable. x

goldenlover Feb 9, 2011
Great dog, wonderful story.

elliel Feb 9, 2011
What a beautiful Pug face. He's a doll.

princelover Feb 9, 2011
What an adorable face Monster has. Pugs have always been a favorite...

ceo Feb 9, 2011
I don't know which is cuter: this photo or the fact his name is...

jazzobee Feb 9, 2011
Beautiful monster, I wish you could cuddle me to keep me warm! You...

doggiedays Feb 9, 2011
He is a total CHARACTER!! With the faces and positions... oh I just...

guerrero's grandma Feb 9, 2011
Monsterrrrrrrr, you are such an adorable baby doll... who could deny...

amyliz Feb 9, 2011
Monster, you are the exact of opposite of, well, a monster! :) You...

GSDLVR Feb 9, 2011
What a DOLL!

Kikai Feb 9, 2011
I know there's something under there...... I love Pugs....

Puppy Power Feb 9, 2011
Monster sounds like an absolute sweetheart! Continue to warm the...

janaS Feb 9, 2011
aww, this melts my heart. Love the name, Monster. He sounds like a...

pelligrino Feb 9, 2011
What a face! Monster is an adorable cuddle bug.

gypsyrobin Feb 9, 2011
You're so lucky to have a puppy who gets under the covers with...

MY1&onlyOREO Feb 9, 2011
Ooooh! with this kind of Monster in his/her closet, no kids would...

Goldenmom58 Feb 9, 2011
These little guys are a book all by themselves. Oops, did I just say...

tribbleTrouble Feb 9, 2011
What a wonderful photo. Monster is a cutie!

Rickysmom Feb 9, 2011
YAY! A Pug. Hi Monster. You are such a handsome little guy. I adore...

clemency Feb 9, 2011
Cute little teef!!!! Monster is just beyond adorable!

chelsearosebud Feb 9, 2011
TOO adorable for words! XOXO

4 the Dogs Feb 9, 2011
Did you star in the Doritos superbowl commercial? Too cute for...

HeatherDun Feb 9, 2011
Hi, Monster! You are adorble, especially in the pool!

krist Feb 9, 2011
I love pugs. You are super cute

virgilsmama Feb 9, 2011
I am going to say that this has to be a look of love on that adorable...

mastiffs3 Feb 9, 2011
He is so cute, I love his little face! :)

47skittles Feb 9, 2011
wow !! he is incredibly cute

RubyJeansMom Feb 9, 2011
Monster is just too precious! What a sweet little guy.

bluegigi Feb 9, 2011
Monster such a cutie pie name for a real love bug. Hugs and...

shortyww22 Feb 9, 2011
moster,you are sooo-cute!!! you sound like my Little dogs chia and...

mychiensr1 Feb 9, 2011
To Mr Monster, just took 1 look at your profile and pics. I am...

Jose Feb 9, 2011
Your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you...

gryt Feb 9, 2011
What a sweetheart!

Oliver & Henry's Mum Feb 9, 2011
Monster, you are entirely too adorable! I love a good tongue shot,...

tzumom Feb 9, 2011
Yep, I bet those belong to you little Monster. Hope you keep mom and...

w102663 Feb 9, 2011
Monster you are adorable and so is your name. I'd love to have...

Coinshop Feb 9, 2011
Hi are too cute!

iluvk9s Feb 9, 2011
Awww how precious is Monster!! What a sweet little face. Tons of...

mcg00t Feb 9, 2011
Monster is such a cute boy! he looks a lot like my pug Lenny.. i...

cutiepants26 Feb 9, 2011
Awww! I love EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!!! Congrats on getting dailydog!!!...

coriebe Feb 9, 2011
Monster, you really are quite the cutie pie! Lots od biscuits for you!

Shannon! Feb 10, 2011
HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lina Feb 10, 2011
These pictures are fabulous! I see so much resemblance in my puggle.

daschoundsrule Feb 10, 2011
Oh Monster, you are such a handsome young man. Lot's of chin...

malawi Feb 10, 2011
I LOVE his little Pug face! Give him a big hug :-)

lucybee Feb 10, 2011
Someone needs to save me.I've always been a big dog fan but I...

gouldkb Feb 10, 2011
I can almost lick my eyeball! can you do that?

chasekitties Feb 11, 2011
This picture is so cute, look at your little feet, Monster!

josieburck10 Feb 12, 2011
He looks so interested there!

drakes' granny Feb 12, 2011
Cute little boy. Love the poise.

pirosred Feb 12, 2011
All such great pictures, so hard to choose just one. How lucky you...

runningfawn1951 Feb 15, 2011
som cute,would love to take him home.