Moxie the Miniature Schnauzer

Dog Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Moxie's mom says: We feel so blessed to have Moxie in our lives, as she is an energetic, fun, and affectionate little girl. Growing up with schnauzers my whole life, I've always known that they're great dogs, but I wasn't prepared for how much we'd love our little Mox! Our favorite part of the day is coming home to Moxie's wonderful greetings. Even if we just left to take the garbage out, as soon as we walk in the door, she is beyond excited. She will race to us and literally crawl all over us, kissing us and whimpering the whole time. We love to play "Moxie in the Middle" with her favorite toy, Pig. She's also great at hide-and-seek, and it's so fun to see her peer around corners and get excited when she wins. Moxie loves to run with us along the beautiful lake front. Recently, her photo was featured in the Chicago Tribune's RedEye article about the city's various dog parks.