Mr. Bean the Basset Hound

Dog Breed: Basset Hound

Mr. Bean parades around the local neighborhood, although his hound dog nose makes it hard for him to even make it around the block without stopping several times to sniff, sniff and yes, take several rest breaks. Spanning 10 inches long, Mr. Bean's ears attract the attention of numerous admirers throughout the neighborhood. In fact, several people have stopped Mr. Bean on one of his hound hunts just so they can snap his picture. And Mr. Bean adores the attention! Unfortunately, Mr. Bean hasn't quite grown into his large ears, so they tend to get very dirty and they can even cause him to trip quite a few times. While Mr. Bean looks forward to his long walks around the neighborhood, Mr. Bean really prefers snuggling on the couch and taking a long afternoon nap. Actually, he usually enjoys several naps!